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To accompany the 50-meter (164 foot) flagship luxury yachts that make up the Primus Yacht Fleet, Primus plans to phase-in future yachts in three unique tranches of up to 13 yachts per tranche. 



Each Primus yacht will be professionally staffed by our hand-picked team and can accommodate between 10 and 12 individuals in a Member party.


The Atlantis Tranche is the first planned fleet of up to 13 luxury private yachts averaging 50 meters or more in length.  The Nirvana and Valhalla Tranches of yachts will be of a similar size and number, while also incorporating new designs with cutting-edge features and amenities.



The total planned fleet of up to 40 yachts will give Primus members unparalleled flexibility, options and amenities to customize their yachting experience! 

Luxury yachts in La Spezia harbor at nig
mega yacht at anchor in pacific
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