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The PRIMUS membership plan is ingenious and sets up an unforgettable experience for our members. Mirroring that of a country club membership or private residence club, our members pay a one-time Membership Fee which may gain equity and is fully salable and/or transferable to a family member.


Members enjoy the exclusive and personalized use of professional and fully staffed Primus mega-yachts and amenities. 

Typical Member exclusive yacht use is up to seven (7) days per year per Membership. Members can purchase more than one Membership to extend their exclusive use and expand their Membership privileges and benefits.



With PRIMUS Premier Partners, an LLC with up to 12 members can also purchase a Membership making a Primus Membership even more affordable.  

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PRIMUS delivers SME level 5-star service. We deploy our Complete Yacht Management system which includes total crew coordination, on-site maintenance, servicing logistics, and an premier concierge at your beckoned call to fulfill your requests.  


PRIMUS manages the full spectrum of your yachting experience, from our concierge heeding any special provisioning requests to administrative service experts providing accounting and ownership service or assistance with scheduling your next yachting voyage.  


Payment of the one-time membership fee and annual dues entitles PRIMUS Members to exclusive use of the PRIMUS Fleet's luxury mega-yachts, professional crew/staff and amenities for travel to amazing destinations around the globe.


Clearly stated, PRIMUS programs deliver the highest level of quality and service which allows you to enjoy a yachting lifestyle. Your Private Luxury Yachting experience awaits, and PRIMUS has your docking space reserved for the destination of your choosing. 

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