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Founder's Insight

I am “Captain Lee”, and recent life events have taught me that life is 90% what you do with it and 10% what you have. Experiences mold our character and values.  This leads to a greater understanding of ourselves and the impact we have on the world and communities around us. With this in mind, I have formed a Social Club that allows every family the opportunity to have wonderful, bonding experiences that will last a lifetime and create memories for generations to come.

“Vacation” has become a foreign word for many since the spring of 2020. The world has become uncertain and polarized.  We find ourselves disconnected from one another in ways we never imagined possible.  By nature, we are predisposed to connect and share experiences … and those experiences translate to memories we hold close to our hearts. This is the core of the human connection.  For most of us, Yachting has come with the stigma of only being attainable by the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I have changed that.

Drawing on more than 40 years as a Sea Captain, and the network of luxury brands, products and people in my contact list, I have founded PRIMUS.  We are a membership based private yacht club that allows you to have the luxury yachting experience aboard any yacht in our fleet, docked at any one of our exotic luxury destinations around the world … and for a fraction of the cost and headache of owning and maintaining a yacht.  Let's plot your new course together!


 Ordinary is not in your character.  Let

PRIMUS direct you to the Extraordinary.

 Now that  you are  looking for an unforgettable experience, our expert crew at PRIMUS Yachting

is the Team to call. 

Over and Underwater Dome Shot of man snorkling in front of a private sailing yacht in Thai

From high end yachts on the Mediterranean coast to superyachts near Hawaii; we have something for everyone!

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