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  • Obtain the global premier luxury large yacht social club

  • Provide members a place to belong and create life-long friendships.

  • Produce opportunities to make meaningful and lasting memories as part of our collective legacy.



As the world’s first and foremost luxury private yacht social club, we honor the legacy of our past and will build experiences that enrich our Members. Primus is a place where our Members' stories are fashioned and become bound to our heritage for future generations. 

We find each other yachting, traveling, adventuring, volunteering, and socializing for reasons beyond simple amenities. 

Our Members celebrate our commonalities, teach our children, interact without pretense, laugh and enjoy life, have fun, network, and embrace the gift of being a part of the world’s first and foremost luxury private social yachting club. 

Primus is a place where friendships, camaraderie, business, and luxury yachting experiences are made and enjoyed, one relationship at a time. 

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