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Welcome to PRIMUS

Explore the World Differently

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PRIMUS has developed a simple program with structure and substance, similar to a private residence club.  Payment of the one-time membership fee and annual dues entitles PRIMUS Members to exclusive use of the luxury mega-yachts, professional crew/staff and amenities within the PRIMUS fleet to amazing destinations around the world. 

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The PRIMUS Yacht Fleet is comprised of flagship luxury mega-yachts of 50 meters or more. The world's yachting destinations of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific, Alaskan and Eastern Seaboard are now within calculated reach to our discerning members. We maintain the capacity to provide you with unparalleled variety, flexibility and full customization to your yachting experience. 

Join us, as the first 501(c)(7) non-profit yacht club that provides its members luxury mega-yacht excursions for their personal use.  This is the catalyst of change that will diversify the luxury yachting market by creating opportunities to a broader target population and revolutionizing the yachting experience.

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PRIMUS allows you to create your very own, personalized yachting experience.

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